book release


Friday 10th Nov. 2017. — 6.00 pm. Venue: Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology Semmelweis University, Lenhossék Hall — Budapest, IX. Tűzoltó u. 58. (pedestrian entry: Üllői út 93.)

colours of life

It is a complete inner journey to colour any of the Anatomy with Love drawings. First of all: I love them black and white. Second: OK, let’s print and colour, but which one? Finally when the decision is made comes the third: choosing the colours… “this green shall be fine. leaves are green. ok, but now they don’t have to be green. let’s make them different. no. i like green…” etc etc… Last but not least: the outcome never meets the expectations. Better or worse but different than imagined. This is like life itself. I love it.

Anatomy with Love - Heart coloured

Anatomy with Love – Heart coloured

about the patterns

My first encounter with folk art was when I was a teenager. At first I copied the patterns I saw on traditional costumes or on honeycakes. Then with the help of the internet my world expanded. The world of Hungarian folk motifs is truly amazing. Everything can be expressed in them. Happiness, sadness, passion, grief, desire, misery. The whole of life.


first steps

I’ve been passionate about biology since childhood. The human body in particular is what amazes me. I’m in love with its perfectly chaotic order, its logic and intelligence. So beautiful! I think that’s why I became a biology teacher. I love to teach about the human body, to talk about its beauty, and to draw it on the blackboard. I draw a lot. I’ve always been drawing, since I was very little. If I am happy, if I am sad, I just turn to the paper: drawing is my remedy, my hideaway. When as a kid my parents had to take me to a party or a meeting, we always had a box of pencils and paper with us. They just put me down in a corner, and I was fine, for hours.

uterus et ovaria in making