More than 100 people donated via Kickstarter, to help public this book! We still have more than ten days to go for the missing 26% of the budget. I am so grateful, you fantastic people!

So here are the newest:



We are only at the 6th day of our kickstarter campaign, but we almost reached the half of the budget! This is a huge success for us, with all the feedbacks, thank you, thank you! Here is the newest drawing: bladder (after drinking a lot of water 🙂 ).

anatomy with love bladder andrea joos


colours of life

It is a complete inner journey to colour any of the Anatomy with Love drawings. First of all: I love them black and white. Second: OK, let’s print and colour, but which one? Finally when the decision is made comes the third: choosing the colours… “this green shall be fine. leaves are green. ok, but now they don’t have to be green. let’s make them different. no. i like green…” etc etc… Last but not least: the outcome never meets the expectations. Better or worse but different than imagined. This is like life itself. I love it.

Anatomy with Love - Heart coloured

Anatomy with Love – Heart coloured