colours of life

It is a complete inner journey to colour any of the Anatomy with Love drawings. First of all: I love them black and white. Second: OK, let’s print and colour, but which one? Finally when the decision is made comes the third: choosing the colours… “this green shall be fine. leaves are green. ok, but now they don’t have to be green. let’s make them different. no. i like green…” etc etc… Last but not least: the outcome never meets the expectations. Better or worse but different than imagined. This is like life itself. I love it.

Anatomy with Love - Heart coloured

Anatomy with Love – Heart coloured


Drawing is learning

With each drawing I make I learn more and more about the human body. This extraordinary machine where everything is chaotic but still enough reactions happen in the right place and time to keep the whole system organised. Truly amazing.

embryonis - Anatomy with Love colouring book